More Than Just Transposing

Ever had a set of data where they are all lined up nicely and everything’s perfect with the exception of one thing – they are lined up horizontally and not vertically in columns or vice versa?


Many times when we deal with external data sources or even our own source systems, there is a pre-formatted way in which the excel data is being generated.

Sometimes, everything seems to fall in place nicely. Sometimes, they bite you with an hour long repetitive work.  Now don’t get me wrong – if it’s a one off thing, it’s probably still manageable and not that necessary to develop a solution.

BUT – if you’re going to be doing this for 1 hour every month or even every week, can you imagine the amount of time and effort spent in just formatting? Those precious hours could have been used to think of fresh new ideas to make you an ace performer or simply spent sipping away at your frappucino as excel does it’s own work. Waste time no more and drop me a mail for a free consultation here!



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