Making Data Entry Exciting Again

Data entry has a bad reputation. It basically translates to repetitive work with lots of manual typing with error-filled issues. Yet – how can we lift this load off without compromising on the quality but yet at a faster rate?


Let’s face some facts – not every company has reached the level of technology that we’d hear about everyday. There are some companies that have legacy systems while there are others that just refuse to upgrade existing platforms due to the high costs involved. Whatever the case is, low tech systems are here to stay for at least another few decades.

When this reality sinks in, it can also mean that there are certain manual processes that are required – like for example, keying in all data from excel into an accounting system so that it can be recorded. This would typically require a continuous drainage of both time and resource spent on just data entry.

Resources are precious and should be more effectively utilized to add value to the company instead of performing low value work. Drop us a note here and let us equip your team with the right tools so that they can be freed to do greater work!


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