Having been trained in Industrial Engineering, I was exposed to the idea that within the processes in our environment, there are various opportunities to reduce waste. Waste is a concept of lean management in manufacturing which simply put, is anything that is done unnecessarily in the process of producing the product.

After graduating and coming out to the workforce, it was then that I notice that waste isn’t some concept that applies to only manufacturing sectors. It was also prevalent in the office where I saw my fellow co-workers doing repetitive work over and over and over again.

When I asked them, “isn’t there a better way?” Most of the time, their response would be either because they know no other better way or that it was because this was the way they had been doing for years.

I couldn’t help but offer to improve their work. Seeing the smiles on their faces when their 1 hour job becomes a 5 mins snap of a finger, it brought about immense satisfaction to me.

Here, in this digital space, is where I want to offer you the same smile and transformation of your mountainous work to a feather light tap of a finger. Have a look at some of the Case Studies I’ve done and feel free to drop me a message for a free consultation at our Contact Page.